Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Blast from the Past

I was lucky enough to be a part of the Blizzard of 2010. For those of you who don't know about the blizzard(s) of 2010, well we had quite an interesting winter. The city of Philadelphia happened to have a record breaking amount of snow, which amounted to about 76 inches. Now, imagine, a city that already has issues with parking and gridlock, dealing with 76 damn inches of snow. Did I mention that I live on a street that doesn't get plowed, turns to a sheet of ice, and is like trying to maneuver through a crowded shopping mall at Christmas?!

I thought I would start my blog with the story below, well, because it is pretty damn funny. Not for me of course, but for anyone who was lucky enough to witness this, they had one good laugh. I hope you enjoy the story - oh, and every single sentence is true, no embellishing, I swear! 

I woke up this morning at 5:58 am, right before the alarm clock went off. I was feeling brave and was sick of staying inside, so I thought I would try to get to work. I got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, flicked on the light switch -- absolutely nothing. Damn, I forgot that the power was off. Well, I still needed to go outside and assess the situation. With my jammies still on I put on white sports socks and my brown boots. My lovely bed head didn't need to be combed, because who is going to be outside at 6am? I decided that I should probably put my contacts in, because, knowing me I would lose my glasses in a snow drift. I go upstairs, fumbling in the dark, and go to the back door. Holy shit, the snow is halfway up the door. Hmmm, too much work. I go out the front door, which has been shoveled, and walk to the back gate. Oh lovely, about 5 neighbors are outside shoveling, I want to crawl into a hole in die, because I look a creature that has been woken from the dead (the term KandaBeast comes to mind - this is what my brother Anthony calls me in the morning). I mumble hello and keep walking. I make it out to the parking lot and I start to panic. I swear my car has been stolen. Stupid Philadelphia, how can I have secure parking and my car be stolen? But then again, it does beat shoveling! Oh wait, I see it, its under 60 inches of snow!! I heart Lincoln Tech but I will be damned if I am shoveling out Betsy at 6am. Besides, I don't even own a shovel. And, I can't take a hot shower, and that is just unacceptable. Back to the house I go. I walk in the door, glance in the mirror, and even in the dark, I have officially scared myself with my appearance. I crawl back into bed, call the necessary people and go back to dreamland. At noon, I get up, and tell myself that if I don't shovel Betsy out today, I will never do it. So, because I don't own a shovel, I grab the next best thing - a broom.
A couple of things that I realized while shoveling:
1.) I hate not having an actual garage.

2.) I hate the condo people, I pay good money for condo fees and they can't even help a sista out?!

3.) A broom is not sufficient for all the heavy snow. The broom broke oh about 3 minutes in.

4.) Using your hands to dig out your car with no gloves causes really bad frostbite.

5.) I realized that there are muscles in my body that I have never used before and I. AM. SORE.
After 2 hours of digging (I thought 3 days had passed), I finally was able to successfully see Betsy. I got in the car (thank God I backed into the spot) and tried to move her. It worked! I should have no issue in the morning. Unless, the tree that fell onto the street is not moved, the power does not go back on, I can't move because I am paralyzed from the neck down due to shoveling by hand, and I don't die of boredom.
I came in and took a lovely COLD shower, put my jammies back on and am now sitting in bed. The funny thing is, I would love to pack, but its not very easy to do in the dark. And, we all know, that mice love the dark, and I can't risk nor do I want to be attacked by a mouse today -- I don't have enough energy to scream non the less run away. So, here I sit, with a laptop battery that is blinking, a cell phone that has died and no house phone because it is a cordless. I could catch up on my reading, but I guess you need light to do that. I could be all Laura Ingalls from the Little House on the Prairie and read by candlelight but I just don't want to.
Oh well. Just thought I would share my Blizzard of 2010 story.....

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  1. Kandis....I loved this story when you orginally posted and I love it even more now.
    For me, your words capture a true essence of not only another 'oh shit, weather in this place sucks moment' but also a damn it all, despite crappy weather I really do love Philadelphia. (I think you do?)...
    Uncle Simon and I laughed all the way thru because...hey, remember we lived on 47th & Chestnut forever in our young and carefree days and we totally get using a broom to shovel snow.
    (we sure as hell weren't going to spend hard-earned $$ on a stupid snow shovel..)
    Keep 'em coming...love, Aunt Karen